Updated 10 February

Owing to the Covid-19 situation the Association’s Annual General Meeting will not, of course, be held on the 14 January.

The annual newsletter will be emailed/posted to members mid February and this will contain some rule changes that have been agreed by the Committee to appear in the next season’s Handbook. These rules changes will then be placed before the 2022 AGM for ratification. Subscription fees will remain at the same level.

The Newsletter will also be sent with an application form for the membership new season starting 15 March. Members will need to be aware that there will be a limit on the total membership on a first come first serve basis and on Night Permits.

Existing members who require a Night Permit should apply by the end of March when night permits applications will be then opened to new members if the night permit limit has not been reached.  New members will, therefore, not be able to apply for any remaining night permits until the 1 April.

All applications for membership with a night permit will have to be made online or by post.

Application forms both online and postal will be made available on the Join KDAA webpage on the 12 February.

We are hopeful that our tackle shop Agents will be allowed to be open by the beginning of February and we would encourage as in previous years for the majority of members to join at those shops rather than online.

Happy New Year and tight lines.