Memberships are now available for the new season.

Members have been emailed today a Newsletter and application form. Please check your Inbox. Those without an email had their newsletter posted on Wednesday.

The Newsletter provides information about a number of rule changes. In particular please note the ban on micro seed particle feed and removal of the winter three rod rule for Silver End Back Pit.

Members will need to be aware that there will be a limit on the total membership and on Night Permits on a first come first serve basis.

Existing members who require a Night Permit should apply by the end of March when night permits applications will be then opened to new members if the night permit limit has not been reached. New members will, therefore, not be able to apply for any remaining night permits until after the 1 April. They may wish to join and apply for a Night Permit upgrade on the 1 April assuming some are still available.  Hopefully, the government ban currently in place will be lifted by March.