Membership is closed for the 2021/22 season.

New members may apply as from the 13th February 2022 for the new season starting 15th March 2022 as can existing members wishing to rejoin. There will be a waiting list for new members wishing to apply for a night permit. All existing members will have up to the 31st March to apply for a night permit for the new season which will then be opened to new members up to to the limit set by the Committee if it has not been reached by that date. New members will have the option to have their name added to the night permit waiting list at the time of joining online as from midnight on the 12th February. There will not be a waiting list for joining the club itself.

Potential members are should keep a watch on this website for any updates about the joining process as it dependent upon the cards and handbooks being printed by that date.