Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a close season?

A: All stillwaters are open all year.  River Blackwater EA close season – 15 March to 16 June.

Q: How many rods can I use?

A: (Conduct Rule 6)  Maximum of two rods to be used at all times on all waters.

Q: Can I use a bait boat?

A: (Conduct Rule 12) No.  All watercraft, including bait boats and drones are banned from all club waters.

Q: Can I use leadcore?

A: Lead core leaders, fluorocarbon leaders or safe zone type leaders are allowed. The only stipulation is that they are used safely so that the line parts from the leader.

Q: Can I use braid?
A: Yes. Braided main line is allowed and coated braid hook lengths

Q: Can I use nuts?

A: (Fish Welfare Rule 4) No.  The possession and use of all nuts including peanuts and tiger nuts is banned on all Association waters.

Q: Can I use microseed in my particle feed?

A: (Fish Welfare Rule 9)  No.  Particle feed that contains micro seed including items such as Partiblend, Pigeon conditioner, Multiseed or other similar products that contain small seed or bird seed is banned. Prepared maize, sweetcorn, hemp and tares are allowed including pellet.

Q: Can I use a carp sack?

A: (Fish Welfare Rule 5) No.  Carp sacks are banned. Fish may be kept in floatation slings only for no longer than 30 minutes or less at the discretion of the bailiff.

Q: Can I use barbed hooks?

A:The club does not have a rule regarding hooks. Barbed hooks hold firmer but cause more damage on removal.  Barbless hooks are easier to remove but potentially move around on retrieval and could cause a larger hole.  The Committee’s recommendation is that microbarbed is a safer compromise and to use barbless when float fishing for silvers.

Q: May a fishing guest accompany me while I am fishing?

A: (Conduct Rule 7)  Guest Tickets may be purchased but do not cover the night fishing period       10 pm to 5 am or Silver End Pits.

Q: May a non-fishing guest accompany me while I am fishing?

A: (Conduct Rule 7)  Adult members may take one non-fishing guest at the discretion of the Bailiff. There is no separate membership permit or fee.

Q: Do all children fishing require a membership card?

A: (Rule 3)  Adult and Senior Citizen members may take one non-member child under twelve years old fishing with no charge. They do not require a separate membership card.  However, they may only use a float rod.

Q:May Juniors night fish?

A: (Conduct Rule 15)  Junior members may night fish if they hold a Night Permit. However, they must be accompanied by a responsible Adult member, Senior member, parent or guardian.

 Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: (Conduct Rule 4)  Dogs are not allowed on most waters apart from the Layer Marney complex where a Dog Permit will be required.

Q: I have a night permit how long can I stay?

A: (Conduct Rule 17)  Members must not stay night fishing on a club water for more than 72 hours between 1st May and 31st October. After which the angler must leave the complex for at least 24 hours.

Q: I am a day member when can I start fishing?

A: The day fishing period is 5 am to 10 pm.

Q: Are there toilets on your waters?

A: Silver End Pits and Seabrooks are the only waters with toilets. We had a toilet last season on our other night fishing venue, the Layer Marney complex, but it was burnt down and we will not be replacing it. 

Q: Can I use the Western Lane entrance to the Silver End Back Pit?

A:  No.  This is not a KDAA entrance to the Back Pit.  A Silver End Pits Fishery Rule bans parking in Western Lane.  It is an entrance for the paddock owner to access his field and stable to attend to his horses. Members should also not have fast food deliveries to that gate as drivers are blocking his access to and from his paddock.  Vehicles coming and going late at night also disturbs the residents of Western Lane.  If you have to order fast food, then please ensure you arrange for it to be delivered to the front car park gate.

Q: Do you have Working Parties on your waters?

A: Yes. They are normally held both during the week and on Saturdays.  They are not conditional on membership or obtaining a Night Permit, however, members are asked to help and put something back into the club.  The dates are not preset and are advertised by email, on the website and Facebook. This year they will be held as soon as Covid 19 conditions allow us to safely undertake them again. If you would like to help please contact the Fishery Manager, Bob Reed, on 07983801960

 The answers to these frequently asked questions can be found mostly in our Handbook or on our website.  Members are expected to read all the rules in our Handbook and abide by them. Ignorance of any rule is no defence.