Silver End Pits

Silver End Front Pit - The KDAA’s foresight in purchasing the Front Pit has guaranteed members quality fishing for the future. This mature 2.1/2 acre gravel pit has been developed into an excellent fishery.  Double figure carp are present in large numbers with a few fish breaking the 30lb barrier up toi 35lb.  Large shoals of rudd, roach, bream, perch and crucian carp. Early season tench fishing can be spectacular with good bags and individual fish to over 7lbs. Other fish of note are pike in excess of 20lbs and eels to over 5lbs. 

Silver End Back Pit - The Back Pit has been developed as a specimen fishery. Carp are the main quarry for anglers in this very rich fishery with many fish in excess of 20lbs and at least six over 30lb up to 35lb.  Most other species are present to specimen size with roach and rudd to over 2lbs and tench and bream to over 9lbs. .

Very large pike are also present which have been caught in excess of 25lbs. The early season tench fishing can be very good.  

A toilet is located in the rear car park.

Members must not use more than two rods at any time with the exception of night permit holders who may fish with three rods on Silver End Back Pit between 1st November and 31st March providing they have two EA rod licences and fish in a manner so as not to interfere with any members already fishing or wishing to fish

See map below showing designated swims.


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          Silver End Pits

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Silver End Front Pit

Silver End Back Pit

The Committee has determined the fishing limits of 15 dedicated pegged swims for carp anglers on the Back Pit.

Carp Anglers may fish any area of water provided there are no other anglers already fishing in the designated swim they wish to fish. If another carp angler starts fishing in an adjacent swim then they should both only fish within the dedicated fishing zones as shown on the map.

Carp anglers will, however, be mindful of any pleasure anglers fishing around the Pit. This will entail that if a pleasure angler is fishing a pegged swim this now becomes their swim

This new fishery rule allows for 15 carp anglers to comfortably fish the Back Pit without causing issues for one and other and also allow pleasure anglers to slot in where they wish to fish provided they are respectful of the carp angler who in turn are respectful of the pleasure angler

The Front Pit has 14 natural swim boundaries which will be pegged

Anglers should have wellingtons or waders when fishing the south west bank on the Back Pit swims 4 to 9 in order that fish can be landed safely when the water at the edge is shallow to avoid damaging fish.